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Within its five areas of expertise, E.D.M.A. has three main dimensions of services

All of the Psychologists are licensed to administer, score, and interpret the results of various standardized psychological tests for selection, promotion, development, coaching, and counseling. Furthermore, the E.D.M.A. Assessment Center provides simulations of workplace / role play activities for similar purposes.
The E.D.M.A. Development Center was designed to hone and upgrade the skills of executives to help them become not only efficient but effective managers and leaders as well. We help manage change systematically in order to cushion its effects on people. Interventions can be remedial such as conflict management, team building and counseling or developmental such as team development, succession planning, executive coaching, and soft skills training.

Diversity of Cultures Diversity of Industries Diversity of Services
Globalization is all about the dynamic and flawless fusion of nationalities, cultures, civilizations and practices.
The Gulf and MENA region are at the centre of this activity and E.D.M.A. is perfectly placed to provide all the professional service to facilitate this fusion.
Our clients come from a broad range of industries such as banking,finance, retail, automotive, construction, jewelry,fashion, racing and other industries.

We offer a variety of psychological services from assessment to development to employee assistance.

»Executive Coaching
»Conflict Management
»Team Building
»Succession Planning
»Soft skills Training
»Team Development

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