We are a team of multi-disciplinary professional psychologists.

E.D.M.A. is composed of a team of psychologists that is multi-disciplinary in professional orientation. It is headed by the Founder-Director Edma Naddaf who has a string of impeccable credentials which includes expertise in aviation psychology, corporate psychology, executive search, conflict management and team building. As a highly experienced Corporate Psychologist, her primary strengths include but not necessarily limited to Change Management, restructuring, and or setting up companies in their inception.

E.D.M.A. psychologists are post graduates with specializations in psychological assessment, corporate psychology, executive search, counseling, and research and evaluation. Together with the Founder-Director, they have over 35 years of combined professional experience in varied settings and multi-cultural milieus.

They have served over 120 different nationalities and are continuing this distinct tradition. All are fluent in English and at least one team member speaks Arabic, French, Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and basic Mandarin. The team is focused on one goal: to empower our clients to select, develop and retain quality personnel who will deliver superior business results.

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