.... a synergistic combination of various fields of psychology to ensure airline safety and efficiency.

This unique area of specialized service offered by E.D.M.A. involves the application of the art and science of human behavior in the field of aviation to aid in ensuring safety and improving pilot and staff performance. It is unique by being synergistic combination of various fields of psychology, namely: occupational, clinical, experimental, and neurocognitive.
» Main purposes of Aviation Psychology

Corporate Psychology
Aviation Psychology
Career Counseling
Executive Search
Employee Assistance Program

» Psychological Assessment and Neurocognitive Assessment
(Pilots, Engineers, Cabin Crews, ATCs
Airport and Ground Operation
Staff selection)
» Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
» Operations , Management Consultancy
» Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

» Soft Skills Training
» Conflict Management
» Team Development
» Norms for Ethnic Groups
» Strategies for increased Safety

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